Buy your Feiyue shoes at Kungfu – Supply!

Kungfu – Supply has been importing the world famous Feiyue shoes for over 15 years now.

The standard shoe for every wushu and kung fu practitioner! Made popular by the Chinese Shaolin Kungfu Monks. Also used in freerunning, parcour running, slacklining, calisthenics, platform shoes for powerlifting and barefoot running.

These are the simple original Dabowen (Top One) Feiyue shoes; originally manufactured for the local Chinese market. They are available in black or white in sizes 32 to 47.

Feiyue Top One is the licensee and Feiyue Dafu is the licensor. The Feiyue Dafu are the more expensive up-scale models, but also only intended for the Chinese market. The American (formerly French) Feiyue models are the international models; looks the same but is a totally different shoe and have nothing to do with the shoes that are sold at Kungfu – Supply

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