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Sometimes taiji is also spelled tai chi or taichi; it the same. A complete uniform for taiji consists of a jacket and pants. Both can therefore be purchased separately; in some cases there is a set; then trousers and jacket must be bought at the same time. With intensive use, pants will wear out faster than a jacket. In addition the jacket, especially the satin version, is often only used on special occasions and events such as competitions or demonstrations. As a result  a jacket will usually last even longer. This is the reason that a jacket and pants usually have to be purchased separately.

The pants have a high waist: traditionally the pants are worn with the elastic on the navel. This way the crotch is at the right height and there is sufficient freedom of movement. This way of wearing also ensures that the pants will not tear. This can easily happen if the elastic is worn on the hip; then the crotch will sit too low and there is a risk of tearing when, for example, adopting the so-called horse riding position.

The taiji clothing that Kungfu – Supply offers can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. Standard (traditional) taiji clothing made of fine cotton or satin (possible with simple embroidery) according to specifications of the Chinese Wushu Association.
  2. Colorful (modern) taiji clothing made of stretch satin, with elaborate embroidery in a contemporary cut.

1. Standard (traditional) tai chi clothing.

This is the clothing where the jackets and pants can be purchased separately. Currently the cotton jackets are only available in black and white fine cotton, with a trim in a different color as an option. The popular black jackets in I keep in stock. Here are some examples of cotton jackets:

With the cotton jackets I have matching trousers in white or black fine cotton.


The satin jackets are available in many different colors, some of which I have in stock in the warehouse in Zoetermeer. The solid colors are classic and always popular; the black version is by far the favorite version. Below are some examples of the plain satin taiji jackets.

The satin taiji jackets with long sleeves also include matching satin trousers in different colors. These pants can therefore be purchased separately to make a complete uniform. The pants are also used for taiji but also in wushu. Below are some images of the loose satin pants.


Below are some examples of combinations of long-sleeved jacket with trousers, forming a complete taiji suit.

2.Colorful (modern) taiji clothing.

Colorful (modern) taiji clothing made of stretch satin, with elaborate embroidery in a contemporary cut. These uniforms are (semi) tailor-made for you. With some data such as gender, body weight and height, we adapt the uniform to your body so that you are assured of a well-fitting suit with an amazing appearance. Our workshop in China makes these uniforms with care and attention; this takes some time; delivery time 6 to 8 weeks. Below is a small selection from the range:

Click here for the special page about the professional (taiji) uniforms.