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There are two models of trousers for wushu & kungfu in the shop:

1. The contemporary model. These pants have a relatively slim model with only a stitching seam on the inside. This model is suitable for thin and smooth fabrics such as silk and satin. This so that they can easily slide over the skin if a low position is adopted. It is called contemporary because these pants are mainly used in modern wushu and taiji from the People’s Republic of China since the 1970s.

2.Traditional model. These pants have wide legs and extra space in the crotch and a lower waist compared to the contemporary model. Because there is more space, this model is suitable for thicker, stiffer fabrics. It is called traditional because these trousers are mainly used by practitioners of the old, traditional styles.

For each article it is stated whether it concerns a contemporary or traditional model. Shuai Jiao pants and All round martial arts pants are not included in this classification.

Note on clothing sizes: the size is indicated in the body height in centimeters. So a pants size 170 means that it is suitable for someone with a body height of 170 cm. If you are of average build and you choose clothing in the size that suits your height, it will fit loosely; the clothing is loose-fitting.

All clothing is unisex; suitable for all genders.

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