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Sabers, also called broadswords or sable, for wushu, taiji and kung fu. In various lengths, thicknesses and materials (stainless steel or chrome-plated metal). The length of the blade of a saber depends on the distance between the wrist crease and the top of the ear, with an arm almost stretched along the body. This is particularly the norm in modern wushu; traditional styles generally use a shorter length.

The longer the person in question, the less strict this rule applies: rule comes from Asia, where people are a bit shorter than the average European.

Blade lengths are indicated in centimeters from the point of the saber to the ricasso, or the point where the saber disappears into the handle.

I also offer a small collection of Japanese knives. For example the tanto; the tantō is a dagger, but is used as a knife. A tantō 短刀, “short sword” is a traditional Japanese sabre.

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