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Hi, welcome to Kungfu – Supply’s webshop!  Simon Scholten is my name and I’m the owner and founder of Kungfu – Supply, born and raised in The Netherlands.
Kungfu – Supply is located here: Willem Dreeslaan 196 2729 NJ Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The wherehouse can be found there; there is no ‘old school’ shop. The wharehouse has no set opening hours; it is open by appointment.

I started Kungfu – Supply in 2003 because I found it was very hard to find training equipment for Chinese martial arts in my home country, The Netherlands. Sometimes one could find some items in Amsterdam’s Chinatown or from Chinese teachers but usually at inflated prices and always irregular availability. During my stay in China I looked for a shop to buy some equipment for private use.


Where it all started …

I found it in the capital of Liaoning province; Shenyang. This is in the far North East of China, the part of China which is squeezed between North Korea and Siberia.

The owner of the shop also turned out to be the owner of a factory which produced sabre’s, swords, spears and the like. I frequented the shop quite regularly dispite the fact it was more than 150 km away from my home in Anshan.

After some time he suggested I openend shop in Europe and offer his goods in it.

The first delivery!

After carefull consideration I decided to give it a try and after returning to The Netherlands I started Kungfu – Supply. The SARS epidemic outbreak slowed things down a little but in november 2003 Kungfu – Supply openend it’s virtual doors. At first Kungfu – Supply only sold weapons as per my own interest. But shortly after that clothing for wushu and taiji followed quickly and of course the famous Feiyue shoes were a must. In the beginning years I almost returned to China every year. Visiting friends, family, suppliers and of course to do some travelling. I would then stay for 4 to 6 weeks. In recent years traveling to China became less frequent. If you are interested in my aventures during my stay in China check out this (old skool) site.

Customers regurlaly ask me whether I myself also train Chinese martial arts. My usual answer is that I learned some taiji when I lived in China, which was in 2001/2002. And that is true; at the beginning of the evening I went to the park to be instructed by Shi Laoshi. 24 style and later also some 48 style. The local newspaper was triggerd by my presence in the park and wrote a short editorial about me which can be found here.

But way before that in The Netherlands I did some Wing Chun kungfu when I was 12. And at 19, December 1992, I started with Sao Lim kungfu. In 2005 in received an Assistent Instructor Certificate and in 2016 started teaching on my own.
I also study Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Tuina, Herbology) and have my own practice, conveniently located in the same premises as Kungfu – Supply; above the wherehouse.

Kungfu – Supply @ Shaolin Temple 2001
During my stay in China I also visited the well-known Shaolin temple. This photo was taken on a warm morning at 7:30 am, before the doors of the temple opened to large crowds of tourists. A lucky shot; I still have 35 failed negatives lying around somewhere. No photoshop was used here!

Simon Scholten
Kungfu – Supply
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Bienvenue chez Kungfu – Supply, depuis 2003 le seul distributeur spécialisé en articles pour les arts martiaux chinois aux Pays bas.

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Simon Scholten.