I will be present at the following event with a booth from Kungfu – Supply:

apeldoorn 2023

For a few years now,  I have been a  guest at events related to Chinese martial arts with a booth of Kungfu – Supply. My presence with Kungfu – Supply adds value to your event. It gives your guests and participants the opportunity to do some shopping; on such days I always have nice offers. In between the long wait, during the breaks it is a welcome distraction. In addition, it is also a nice decoration in an often sterile sports hall; it gives your event that little bit of extra cachet!

A selection of past events/competitions that I attended:

  • Taiji Festival, organized annually in November by Stichting Taiji Nederland (STN).
  • Haojie Wushu Championships, annually organized by Hoyer Gym in Hoensbroek.
  • Guo Shu Cup, organized annually in June by Liu He Men in Amsterdam.
  • Open Dutch Championships, organized annually by Hoyer Gym in Hoensbroek.
  • Brussels Traditional Taolu Cup organized by Saïd Belabed.
  • Kung Fu Wushu Youth Championships organized by Bao Trieu/Earl Blijd.
  • Kungfu and Taichi Open Westfries Championship organized by the Hoornse Wushu Academy.
  • Training weekend Bao Trieu organized by Bao Trieu/Earl Blijd.
  • Shaolin NK organized by the then Shaolin Bond Nederland.
  • German Open Wushu organized by Kai Jansen.
  • Little Dragon’s Cup in Belgium, organized by Wutan (Wushu Team Antwerp).

Are you organizing a Chinese martial arts event? Presence of with Kungfu – Supply can be of added value!
Contact me for the possibilities info@kungfu-supply.com